Puerto Rican food, is among the most Flavorful in the world, its has roots in Spain, African, and Taino cooking. The diverse combination of cooking styles yield unique flavors. The base of most Puerto Rican dishes is the "Sofrito", a thick sau ce produced by sautéing a variety of vegetables, herbs, spices, then adding tomato sauce. "Sofrito" is used to create soup dishes to rice dishes.

You'll ask your self; Why isn't Puerto Rican Food not Internationally known?

It is among the most Flavorful Foods in the World.
Try some of these Puerto Rican Recipes, and you be the Judge !

Then Invite Your Friends and Family over for a Great Puerto Rican Feast!

Do you have a Puerto Rican Recipe that you would like to share with Us? Do you have Photos Of your Favorite Puerto Rican Meal Being Prepared By one of your loved one? Share them with your Puerto Rican Brothers and Sisters ! Post them on our new web site!






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